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Vinegar powder

Is this product similar to sushi powder that's been around a long time, for seasoning sticky rice. I don't know all the ingredients, but I know it has vinegar and some sugar?? and I don't know what else.


Cook books

How do I stop receiving cook books that I did not order


I have the same issues and no had answered my email. I need a phone number


Getting Off Your Book Services

I do not wish to receive any books or any other material without my request. I can't figure out how to stop it since websites are not clear, and I have little time to keep checking.

Please notify New Book Customer that my account no. is

000942550180 and does not want any more books.

Rebecca Wilson

North Garden, VA 22959

Thank you.


can not register for digital access

tried to register for digital access and it will to let me do it

need help or another web sight to sign up on


Change of address

I am moving, how do I make a change of address?


I have moved n would like to change my address



I received the "Simple & Delicious" cookbook the other day which I did NOT order along with a first installment billing for $10.98. I took it to the post office and was told since I had opened it I would have to pay $10 plus to return it. I feel I should get a return address sticker to return it to the mailing address Trusted Media Brands PO Box 3061 Harlan, IA 51593-0125.

I always enjoyed Taste of Home magazine but am very disappointed to think I would be billed for something I did not even order.


Hello. We apologize for your frustration.

We would not send a book out to someone who did not order one. Perhaps you responded to a book offer that you thought was a magazine offer?

Please give our customer service department a call, they will assist you.800-344-2560. Thank you.


Unsubscribe Taste of Honey

Unsubscribe magazine's



I've had a LOT of unexpected car expenses......i haven't forgot my bill...i will definitely pay it in January. My SSI deposit will be on the 14th.


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